Friday, July 23, 2004

Defending marx

I dont understand what triggered it, but nilu has lunged for marx's throat in a way that is not very different from bush's purported War against terrorism, only to further his raison d'etre - single minded determination to raise to fame.

Marx has a long list of failed assumptions, the success of each one built on the success of the one underlying it. When the most basic assumptions were proved wrong, the whole pyramid tumbled, and there you see eastern europe and west bengal.

Where marx failed fundamentally was in judging the difference between indiviudual person's psychology and society's psychology.  Marx believed in the inherent goodness of human nature, and the badness of the society. So, when you super-impose human nature on top of the society, you get a perfect society. Very childish, if you ask me.

And unwittingly i believe, he based his whole theory on envy. I am poor because you are rich... Quite ridiculous.

I have become a major fan of capitalism... But capitalism too is not without its share of evils. See, these ppl dont allow me to blog in office... Death to capitalism.

Will blog more on this soon...


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