Thursday, May 27, 2004

The sore thumb....

I am opinions personified - i wonder if there is anything that i dont have an opinion about. Being a self-proclaimed atheist, sceptic, misomundist, misanthropist(on and off), misogregist, misophilist, misogaboorist, and miso-anthaksharist among others, i wonder if i can be any other way...

Having said that i fervently hope that by my holding opinions about things doesnt amount to being opinionated or dogmatic, for i hate opinionated people ;)

Was wondering why am i such a social mess? - why is it that when people see the beauty of a sunset, i only see (1/lambda^4)-dispersion of light; why is it that i look at the sky, i feel belittled and important at the same time -belitted by my very insignificance and important because of my part in the teleological cosmic drama; why is it that when people see a flower, i wonder how does it look in the ultraviolet spectrum; why is it that in a song, i listen to that violin piece that nobody bothers to listen or appreciate; why is it that where others reacted with horror on seeing the berg guy being beheaded, i reacted with indifference, saying if you can behead a goat on tv, you can behead a human; why is that when people are happy with a great psychological support by their belief in god and fate, that i should try it the hard way; why is it that when people are blissfully ignorant of their own mediocrity, that i should be aware of my own; why is it that ... well chuck it..

i guess at some point of time you have to accept yourself for what you are; and dammit, i am happy the way i am...

Love - nature's best red-herring

I wonder if the universe is a conscious entity... no, not the individual consciousness that characterises life forms, but rather a form of collective consciousness - the consciousness that emerges out of the cumulative awareness of the conscious entities it holds within itself....

And why is it that evolution proceeds with an increase in intelligence? Is the universe trying to know more about itself through the intelligence of its inhabitants? most impossible conjecture, but no harm in thinking about interesting things, in an interesting way, what do u say?

Whatever be the case, one has to appreciate nature for making a fool of humanity at large with the concept of love... Man has over-hyped the four odd chemicals that it invented in the form of hormones for propogation of species. How much ever you exemplify it, it boils down to one simple reason - multiplication and survival. why then all this hype?

and worse, it doenst even follow the laws of nature - choose the fittest partner to make the best gene pool - most humans fail there miserably... i wonder what will happen to humanity...

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Suddenly one more randomness

Planning to finish this before my laptop boots up. so, have to hurry...

I was rebooting my laptop, when all of a sudden this eerie feeling came over me - i felt like a laptop, or rather thinking of how does it feel to be a laptop. I forced myself to believe that i believe in fate, and indeed there i was, feeling like a laptop - right from being booted up by somebody, having no freedom to do anything on my own, doing what i am programmed to do by the "God" above, and worst of all, being blamed for what i am not responsible...

Well, if everything that i do is decided before hand, destined, pre-written or whatever, why should i be punished if i do something wrong and rewarded when i do something right - cos i dont decide what i do. whatever action i do, i do it because i cant do anything else - punsh the person who wrote this, not me. and instead of punishing, that guy is being worshipped - just doesnt make sense.

with this thought, i already feel like a laptop, getting blamed for deleting a file that somebody else programmed me to delete.

Oh, and meanwhile my laptop has booted up. have to increase typing speed..back to laptopping...

Random thought

A huge surrender to copy-paste to start with. could not have completed my current task w/o it. I am a heavy fan of plagiarism, if properly acknowledged. (this is to clear my guilt, cos i have plagiarised below ;) ).

This whole love, marriage and sex thing beats me hands down. see, i cant marry someone who i dont respect. And if i respect someone, i cant bring myself to have sex with her. if i cant have sex, what is the whole point of a marriage? AAAAAAAAAAAA!


Monday, May 24, 2004

Interesting etymos in tamil

Having researched enough in anglo-saxon etymologies, i realise it is time to delve into the depths of etymology in tamil.

Who in madras wouldnt have heard of the catch phrase of the city " Saavugrakki, vootla sollittu vandhiya " - a veritable classic as far as etymology goes... Saavu in tamil means death, and grakki roughly translates to customer. The familiar scene of some hapless soul making a furtive attempt at crossing an empty road and suddenly finding that he is standing right in the middle, with autos whizzing past him left and right, as he attempts final lunge to find safety on the other side of the road earns the distinction of being knighted with this title by the auto kaarans.

Calling a person as Customer of death is an interesting way to ask a person "Why do you cross the road in this way? Dont you want to live any longer?"! Dont you agree?

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Whats this thing about the wing?

Three terms that shook the world owe their existence to a row of eleven shady rooms flanked on left and right by dirty toilets.

The number eleven, more by providence than by coincidence, carries profound significance in the cosmic sense. Ten symbolizes another completed cycle, and by adding to its fullness, Eleven becomes the symbol of excess in any category, extravagance in promiscuity, violence, biased judgement, etc. The number heralds potential conflict. Its ambivalence is in the fact that it's excess may either mark the beginning of renewal, or the breakdown of Ten. It seems that generally speaking, the number is that of "individual initiative, but exercised without relation to cosmic harmony. It is a sign of inner conflict. It also derives its symbolism from Five and Six, being the macrocosm and the microcosm. In China, Eleven was the number which "in it's totality comprised the way of Heaven and Earth." It was the number of the Tao.

These eleven young men set out to change the world

Why do I believe in teleology?

Simple. I believe there is a definite purpose to my existence. People often tend to confuse fate and teleology. Accpeted, there is only a thin line that differentiates them. Nevertheless, the difference between them is stark.

For one, teleology does not talk about a conscious and inevitable finality that characterises fate. and unlike fate, it does not talk about a preconceived plan that humans struggle to endeavour.

And I am not comfortable with some philosphy that everything that is to be has already been charted by some arbit entity and I am, but a helpless dummy in all this.

Euphoric, alebit speciously

Our fetish for self-antiquation never ceases to amaze me... Was reading a very amusing article that talks about an ancient city in india that perished due to a nuclear blast. Was wondering why is this the case, when I realised two features that characterises a typical indain soul - self-antiquation and mixing up mythology and history .

The article, like other self-antiquations, has one central feature - anachronism. First, Sanskrit as a language is not 8000 years old - it came only after the indus (Saraswathi) valley civilisation. Anyways, Mahabharatham could not have happened before indus(saraswathi) valley civilisation, could it?

And secondly, the Ganga river basin was not settled until after saraswathi valley civilisation, which happens to be 2000BC. people have no respect for facts, if you ask me.

And talking of facts, I am sure there are people who will go to the extent of proclaiming the end of a yuga, and flood washing away everything - WHERE DID THE EVIDENCES GO??
< TO be continued>