Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Why do I believe in teleology?

Simple. I believe there is a definite purpose to my existence. People often tend to confuse fate and teleology. Accpeted, there is only a thin line that differentiates them. Nevertheless, the difference between them is stark.

For one, teleology does not talk about a conscious and inevitable finality that characterises fate. and unlike fate, it does not talk about a preconceived plan that humans struggle to endeavour.

And I am not comfortable with some philosphy that everything that is to be has already been charted by some arbit entity and I am, but a helpless dummy in all this.

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Ambar said...

I can understand that you aren't comfortable with the notion that you're just a pawn. Sadly, even if it were true, you would never know. So what's the point thinking about it and theorising?

Simbly Yenjaayyy!