Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Whats this thing about the wing?

Three terms that shook the world owe their existence to a row of eleven shady rooms flanked on left and right by dirty toilets.

The number eleven, more by providence than by coincidence, carries profound significance in the cosmic sense. Ten symbolizes another completed cycle, and by adding to its fullness, Eleven becomes the symbol of excess in any category, extravagance in promiscuity, violence, biased judgement, etc. The number heralds potential conflict. Its ambivalence is in the fact that it's excess may either mark the beginning of renewal, or the breakdown of Ten. It seems that generally speaking, the number is that of "individual initiative, but exercised without relation to cosmic harmony. It is a sign of inner conflict. It also derives its symbolism from Five and Six, being the macrocosm and the microcosm. In China, Eleven was the number which "in it's totality comprised the way of Heaven and Earth." It was the number of the Tao.

These eleven young men set out to change the world

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