Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Euphoric, alebit speciously

Our fetish for self-antiquation never ceases to amaze me... Was reading a very amusing article that talks about an ancient city in india that perished due to a nuclear blast. Was wondering why is this the case, when I realised two features that characterises a typical indain soul - self-antiquation and mixing up mythology and history .

The article, like other self-antiquations, has one central feature - anachronism. First, Sanskrit as a language is not 8000 years old - it came only after the indus (Saraswathi) valley civilisation. Anyways, Mahabharatham could not have happened before indus(saraswathi) valley civilisation, could it?

And secondly, the Ganga river basin was not settled until after saraswathi valley civilisation, which happens to be 2000BC. people have no respect for facts, if you ask me.

And talking of facts, I am sure there are people who will go to the extent of proclaiming the end of a yuga, and flood washing away everything - WHERE DID THE EVIDENCES GO??
< TO be continued>

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