Saturday, August 07, 2004

Issac Asimov is God

This boy is a musta. After watching some arbit channel called "Sci-fi", i realised how grateful i am to have read asimov. No green bug-eyed martian invading human brains, no mutant cockroaches having a prediliction for teenage virgins, and lastly no aliens landing on earth without a valid I-90 duly stamped by immigration and naturalisation service.

Appreciating science fiction is not very different from appreciating european beer. You should have tasted a bad one(american, so to say) to really, truly, whole-heartedly appreciate the good one. And once you've had the good one, you just cant go back. Nothing less than an antakshari competition in a room overflowing with gaboors with nothing around for miles around can drive me towards an american beer, not if i can find a gun to shoot myself first!

To all those lesser mortals would think Poul Anderson or John Barnes was better, i have only one thing to say - drink american beer, and then drink european beer. You'll realise why crusades were fought!

Thank you issac. I owe you a lot!


Nilu said...

Thambi enna venum?

You know where to call.

Ishwar said...

hehe.. simply tell...