Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Vile unobsession

Had a very interesting conversation over dinner with my friend. She was highly impressed with a particular George Orwell saying that talks about how contemporary english has become complicated, and quoted an example.

Fortune doesnt always favour the talented, you need luck too.... English...

Not withstanding the innate congential ....... contemporary English....

I said that i quite agree with his observation, and hers too, but that i quite like the second way of talking and that i find it to be quite expressive, and she refused and challenged me to quote an example.. I said

'I manifest a vile unobsession towards humanity at large'... 'please translate this into your english'

'I hate people' - she.

I grinned sheepishly and ordered for chopsuey...

Tell me ppl, 'manifesting a vile unobsession towards humanity at large' is different from 'hating people', isnt it? :D

1 comment:

Nilu said...

Simple...translation reads : 1-800-AYM-GRAMD.
waat ya!