Sunday, May 29, 2005

The aforementioned Mr.Ganesh also happened to have Reservoir Dogs and Boys don't cry.. Was impressed. But my DVD drive wasn't. It refused to play them. Finally ended up watching Girl, Interrupted. Wasn't worth the fifteen rupees, but my bike got a semi-water wash(water-logging). Fair enough.

Been trying to get my hands on H2G2 movie. Guess it would be quite enjoyable despite strong reports from H2G2 cult claiming otherwise.

Its surprising how business subleties are most often not so explicit. This unnamed VCD/DVD rental guy also happens to do a real estate business. Seemed quite a sensible combination to me- a symbiotic relationship between real estate and VCD/DVD rental. Feeling all smug, I went out, and realised that this is not an exception, but the norm. All successful VCD/DVD rental places are also into real estate.

Guess i was born a bit too late. Would have been an intellectual riot a couple of centuries back.

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