Monday, August 21, 2006

"Teh suck" that's

Despite people's disposition to have negative IQs on an average, especially among those that share my name, this person took it a step further and gave my email id as the contact id in his profile. The result, I spend half my time clearing junk mails and dispatching them to trash, the time that would've otherwise been spent blissfully wasted.

On most sites out there, one would find a link that says Contact Us. One would think this link would give email ids and contact numbers that one could use to contact the customer care in times of trouble. But one would be wrong. Little would that one have thought that it is all a major communist plot and that the one's chances of contacting the customer are slimmer than the same one's chances of finding a single woman in bangalore. The aforementioned one's attempts to contact the toll free numbers would lead one to the dark side of telephone paedophilia and the one other number would lead to a rather sharp increase in one's telephone bills, being forced to listen to telugu songs while waiting for the customer care to pick up the phone. (Incidentally, one doesn't find the prospect of imagining a rather fat junior NTR trying to look down the breasts of trisha particularly alluring)

Having finally made contact with the customer care, the one would come to face the veritable iron curtain, pea brains and outright denial of help. In certain capitalist societies in other parts of the world, this is something that the customer care is taught not to do. For example,

We have thousands of customers, and online resumes is only 5% of what we do. So, we can't help you

is what one(not the same one) would call as being rude and which would drive one(the same one) clambering up the walls.

Mood: Extremely pissed off.

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Ambar said...

So the fucktards don't verify email ids on signup?