Friday, March 23, 2007

Location: A conf room
Occasion: An engineering meeting to discuss architecture for the next generation of our product.

Person 1: yada, yada, ...
Person 2: So, yada, yada ...
Person 3: Re-architecture is costly. So, when we do re-architecture, we must make sure that we don't need to do another one for at least five to ten years. Let's design our schema in such a way.

Person[4-6] nod their head vigorously in agreement. Person 2 had a hearty laugh, excused himself and walked out.

1 comment:

Bib said...

Did he use the buzzword "futureproofing"?

Yeah, it's so easy to plot the next 10 years by scribbling some diagrams on a whiteboard.

Sounds like a Dilbertian hell.