Friday, June 04, 2004


i found a great remedy to boredom... the last time i was bored, i declared that i am in the throes of existential angst... boy, and life became interesting...

and now that i am smitten with the concpet of existential angst, i googled to make myself fit enough to be angst-ed. and this is the list of symptoms that i am supposed to sport

* You light scented candles
Cant understand why... bought them anyway...

* You sit alone in a small room and read
Nothing new, i do it all the time... but am u supposed to read with the scented candles? the manual is ambiguous....

* You feel as though you are carrying a great weight
Considering the average IQ of the world at large, and of the people who listen to radio city in particular, i do feel that i carry a great weight!

* You consume an entire bottle of laxatives
Have asked nilu for expert guidance on laxatives.

You can smell "death"

* Your underwear is dark colored
Dont remember, and i cant look down and verify it in office.

* You spend time in the woods, doing natural things
Went on a trip to kerala to make sure that i get this symptom right.

* You feel a deep sense of dread within your bowels
Ya....i feel that every morning. the laxative thing might make it more dreadful...

* Your existence centers around a dark hole
No comments....

* You are suffering
Read my earlier blogs for confirmation.

* Your room reeks of decay

* When you look in the bathroom mirror, you see Sarte's face
does sartre look so bad? poor guy!

* You want to flush everything away
more of a compulsion than a want...

Having meticulously kept up all the symptoms, i was about to exclaim, when i realised that EA-ed ppl arent supposed to be happy...boy, this death thing sure stinks....

Googled more and found out the seven dimensions of fear that are supposed to grip me:

A. Exaggerated Fears.
B. Phantom Fears.
C. Plain, Ordinary, Everyday Anxiety.
D. When Normal Securities Disappear.
E. Fear of the Future.
F. Fear of the 'Nothing'.
G. Ontological Anxiety.

Interesting indeed. does this sartre guy sport a frenchie, by any chance?

Who are my fellow sufferers? google is god!

A. Sartre (obvi, you say?)
B. Hitler
C. Batman (Wow)
D. Lewis Carrol

More to follow on my EA Series..
PS: defying all odds, i found out that my underwear is indeed dark coloured.
And, existential angst also goes by the name of Karmic Tithes . am in love with this concept!


Anthroponym said...

You seem to be in good company. Anyway, I expect sundar to post a comment on existance and quote Rene des cartes and then proceed to some how end up talking about Godel.
this article seems specially written for his comments :)

Ambar said...

You're plain mad! Scented Candles????? Does this by any chance have anything to do with that 75 qn connect?

Anonymous said...

u approaching poolu levels!


Ishwar said...

is that a complement or an insult?

Sanjeeth said...

it depends on from who's perspective you are asking the q!

Anonymous said...

ComplIment is spelt with an I....not an E.
And the answer to ur the glass half-full or half-empty?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

suddely...metti oli has an uncle in france..who seems to be a bayangaram.
he is translating Sartre's works into Tamil!!
have asked for a copy...

Sundar said...

Anthroponym, it's true that I take recourse to Godel everytime. I somehow believe his Incompleteness Theorem is to rationality as Conservation of Energy(including Mass) is to Physics.

BTW, Existential angst happens to most of us most of the time. Is it because we keep expecting more? i.e the relativity of perception of pleasure or otherwise. Is this unending quest Nature's mechanism to implement Teleology?