Thursday, June 24, 2004

Second Debut...

I just realised two things

1. Humanity has not improved in the last 42 days.
2. I am not going to become a millionaire by writing.

Why such sweeping statements all of a sudden? I just found out that my profile has only 32 views.. (did you fall fo r the cheap trick? If not, do go back 17 words and fall)...

Such sweeping statements necessitate sweeping actions.. Here is what i plan to do
1. Change the template of my blog.. (marketing funda)
2. Give a title to the blog that makes it sound like you are poised for a great comeback.
3. Do some cheap tricks...
a- I plan to visit as many famous bloggers as i possibly can before my project manager kicks my ass, and comment on their blogs, thereby leaving a link to my blog (i am a genius)
b- This method will take advantage of the quintessential human emotion - diplomacy... If i give links to other people's blogs, they are bound to give links to mine.
c- Send junk mails to everybody, that says something like this:

I've been using Gmail and thought you might like to try it out. Here's
an invitation to create an account.

Deepika has invited you to open a free Google Gmail account. The
invitation will expire in three weeks and can only be used to set up one

To accept this invitation and register for your account, click here

Using a girl's name makes it twice as easy to fool people....

I dont expect many people to fall for this one.. If you have, congrats! u deserve an applause...

And to top it all, I have decided to blog everyday, plan to give RSS feed, and start a fan club for myself. Am looking out for a secretary.... Any takers?

Goodbye oh 32-profile-viewed loser... Welcome to the most shameless campaigner history ahs ever witnessed.


Sundar said...

Me too have only 32 profile views as of now :-(

-- Sundar

Anonymous said...

Any HR/PR help wanted... u know who to contact !!!


Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no idea why you write such nonsense blogs. Learn from god and try blogging for social causes.

Anonymous said...

Why 42??thinking it is funda...not even yaho messenger!!pun unintended!!!

Anonymous said...

dei naan venumna antha manager postukku app panatumaa?? unoda strategy than naan use pandren unkitaye..enoda link un blogla kodu..okayvaaaaaA???
P.K(pinkurippu): inga sys prob athenalla anonymousa adikaren

Sanjeeth said...

It cant be 32. You yourself would have checked your profile view count a few times(Sondha kadhai soga kadhai:( ) .So strictly speaking your profile view would be in the 20s ;).

Sameer said...

Your strategies kick giant ass dude! Ignore the detractors.