Monday, September 13, 2004

Qualis artifex perio

The main reason why i didnt write a travelogue, rather one of the main reasons, for there are many, was because some ppl asked me to write one. The other inconsequential reasons being nobody is interested in reading them, and to a lesser and slightly more unbelievable degree that i was too busy working to write one.

Besides these incidental reasons, there is an epistemological reason behind this. The intent was to wait for a week and write only about those things that still have an impact. In short, i wanted to be an experience collector(thanks to j for the term), and write

about impacts, not about events;
about impressions, not about people,
about thoughts, not about about travels;
about changes, not about cheese burger.

and now u know why i didnt write one, cos i couldnt. :)


Nilu said...

enna venum?

Whoever the heck "j" is , poi thanni kudichuttiu vara sollu.

Giving it so much thought in the first place as to not post ....... is an insult to a cooler .

Ishwar said...

i wonder...