Thursday, September 16, 2004

A sincere piece of advice - dont let your mind wander when your body cant, particularly when the period of non-wandering is close to two weeks. The mind starts thinking...thoughts ranging from leptons to lesbians, from communism to comic strips, and from renaissance to raapi.

The last time i was in this state, i bought a few danish pastries from a bakery near my hotel, instantly fell in love with them and decided that this must be what the gods eat. And since the only god i believed in happened to me, i proceeded to subsist on danish pastries, gaining 8 kgs in the process. But this time, this wasnt going to be the case. Instead, i decided to spoil myself rotten, and saw the following movies

  • The day after tomorrow

  • Cat Woman

  • Aaidha ezhuthu

  • Azhagiya Theeye

Bliss... sheer bliss...
Movies in line

  • Van Helsing

Somebody save me....


Ishwar said...

And "Alien vs predator" completes the list.

Nilu said...

U actually saw that movie?....

omg - the director on his way felicitate