Friday, October 29, 2004

Surrender to Minister of State for External Affairs

This man is priceless...

1. What is your observation about the
situation in Palestine?

The Palestinians are going through a lot of
hardship and a very difficult situation.

2. What has India gained so far
strategically from its pro-Palestine policy?

Why do you think in those terms? We have a policy
and we follow that policy.

3. You have been quoted in newspapers as
saying that you will take this issue up with the Israeli government.

I did not say anything like that. Somebody asked
me, so I said that whenever I happen to see an Israeli leader, I will definitely
raise this issue.

4.Is your meeting going to make an impact
on the politics and the situation there?

That you have to say. Why should I say?

5. Five million Indians are working in Arab
countries. Are Arabs allowing them to work there only for benefit? It is because of the emotional and cultural relations we have had with them.

ROTFL.... god save india.


Nilu said...

Was this intended comedy or natural occurence?

waat ya!

Anonymous said...

If u think this is funny,wait till u c the transcript of the conv between shivraj patil(home min) and jayalalitha.
TN governor dismissed becos he didnt host a tea party on I-Day...:))and they've appointed one guy who,it seems is pretty good at hosting tea-parties...
the conversation was a heavvy fun!,000900020001.htm
in case u havent read it...
why hasnt that wannabe cooler crapped in the comments section yet??

--aangst boy

Sudha Narayanan said...

When someone who says -"Most of our imports come from foreign countries!" can be voted to be the President of a super power for a second term, anythings possible!!!