Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cooling crap

This was our idea of fun - a couple of years back. Holy crap. Can't believe I wrote that.

The Film : Suddenly Die
Cast : Al Mani, Poolu and the hapless kashmiri girl

This intricate love story revolves around, what else->
espionage, counter-espionage, strike, conter-strike,
love, counter-love, treachery, counter-treachery,
deception,, voodoo magic, pult, counter-pult, jehad,
mujahideens, BBC, pult, hedonism, sekularism, and most
importantly, frindship, and how it helps ppl thru
tough times

very very feel good type of movie, and so the girl's
dad is obvi Jackie Shroff, as a token of appreciation
of his scintillating performance in Yaadein. he has a
crying scene at the last where he comes in with his
carefully undone hair and cries the shit out.

al mani plays his real world role of being an
underworld computer geek, who wrote manix for the
benifit of the world at large. it went into wrong
hands which in these days is the Al-Qaeda. so

Mission : Operation Okkalavozhi

to catch the sister-fucker osama and kill the mama.

mani is THE man for the job. being the mercenary that
he is, he goes to afghanistan under the disguise of a
C programmer out to develop jehadi programs.
cirsumstances prove propitious and we find or wanton
here in kashmir where , as teleology would have it, he
meets our heroein who is the throes of communal
violence-> lots of scope for senti here. see, we shdnt

leave out any section of audience from out film.
falls in love with her, and dedicates his life to free
kashmir from jehadis.

so, he takes the most obvious step-> declares jehad on
jehadis themself. wow, thats an interesting situ. see,
the jehadis cant pursue jehad for if they pursue
jehad, they have to kill themselves. if they dont they
arent jehadis. "Catch 66" situation.

meanwhile sorry for the violence for i shun it, the
heroein gets raped, pillaged, plundered, butchered,
vital parts taken out for sale in the black market,
whipped, skinned. god, i hate violence, her family
slaughtered, house burnt, all because she belonged to
the minorty cammanatti.

enters mani. out heroein had learned manix and written
a progam for him

avoid mani()

wow, how romantic. mani comes into the burning house t
recover his love's mooku-shali kerchief. thats love.
thunders mani, and the whole of kashmir cowers, he
takes the battle in his arms. poolu is the villain.

rest later.

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