Thursday, March 30, 2006

Reading The junior science encyclopedia under the water tank in the terrace was half my childhood.A quarter of the rest was spent with my girl cousin under the same water tank exploring each other and the rest in climbing the water tank. So, effectively, 87.5% of my childhood was spent alone, and I really came to love being a loner.

Am glad that I am back there. After a very long time, had my first day of enjoyable solitude today, and am loving every minute of it. There is no water tank, but there is always wikipedia and internet porn.


Anonymous said...

ithu nalla illa. ore pugai. request fire engine.

~ aunty.

Ishwar said...

unfortunately, i couldn't convince any aunties to come to the water tank :-|

Anonymous said...

wat, did u even try? all aunties are generally very accommodating. and this aunty too played a similar part in yet another water tank story. cha, no time for nostalgia too. anyone who can should be subjected to pain or a weekend at work.