Thursday, April 13, 2006

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This pulitzer-winning book tries to explain the reasons being Eurasian(specifically european) dominance[in a very subjective fashion] over the rest of the world, to paraphrase the author, on Why europeans conquered americas, and not the other way round.

The book tries to explain why humans in different parts of the world moved from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to a settled lifestyle, and how this does not, by any means, stem from racial or cultural differences, but due to the environment. Defintely worth a read.

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This book talks about the coming of intellect of a dinosaurian species somewhere beyond the stars. The first book of the trilogy that talks about a dinosaurian galileo, and how he tries to instill science into a nascent dinosaurian civilisation that still hasn't let go of its primodal instincts.

Reading these books one after the other makes you wonder if a territorial predatory species will evolve intelligence.

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