Thursday, May 11, 2006

Totally pointless quiz of the day

Suckers, nobody replied :(

Question: Identify the phenomenon

Anyway, here comes the answer:
The phenomenon goes by the name Cargo cult in Melenesia(The clue was Skull Island).

After the Europeans discoveredsic Melenesia and the natives came into contact with European technology, they believed that the fancy goods manufactured by the eurpoeans were created by the ancestral people of the melenesians and that white people have unfairly gained control of these objects.

They also believed that what the white people did with these "cargoes" was a ritual, and that if they do the same rituals, their ancestors will recognise their own people and return the cargoes to their rightful owners, being the melenesians.

In most cases, the melenesians did not know/understand what the technology was, but just imitated what the europeans did. Photo #1 shows a group of melenesian tribals building an aircraft made of hay, and waiting for their ancestors.

Photo #2 shows a group carrying wooden thingies in the shape of rifles, seeing the europeans

Photos #2 and #3 shows "USA" tatoos on the chests of these people without understanding what it meant. They'd seen dead white soldiers with these engravings, thought it was a ritual and did the same to themselves.

A plane made of hay

People marching with wooden rifle-shaped thigies


Clue: The ethnicity of the people and the fake thingies are the biggest clues... Think - Skull Island


Epiphany said...

Dude, knowing you...the ans HAS to be the etymo of some word :) since I have been vague enuf..wats the answer?

Sundar said...

Steel (or the disparity pertaining to that)?

sudha said...

you know this can potentially drive some women away. aunty says revise questions...

btw the spell check too