Saturday, May 06, 2006

White flux

White flux
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Bannerghatta national park - 25kms from Bangalore city taught me quite a few things yesterday

  • Women with little children are obnoxious and extremely irritating while sharing closed spaces(safari van, in this case)

  • The white peacocks at the zoo were one of the most beautiful things that I had ever seen. This particular photo, having been shot particularly badly, doesn't do justice to the beauty, but believe me, it's like watching aurora boreallis in siberain wasteland, not to mention that I haven't seen that either.

  • Everything else was particularly unremarkable - lions, sloth bears, tigers, white tigers.. a whole bunch of sucky mammals

BTW, does anybody here know the difference between a white peacock and albino peacock? T'has something to do with the colour of the eyes, but can't quite place what it is.


Anonymous said...

women are obnoxious, kids or not, closed space or open.

I said...

forgot to sign in, b4.

Ishwar said...

Er... No!

Are you, by any chance, a long-time member of "the romantically challenged" society?


I said...

Am i that obvious?!