Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wednesday morning

0825 on an unusally warm wednesay morning. Eyes still closed, I wake up to the feeling of a miniature birth of time.

Nothing existed before now, before this moment of awakening light, no sound, no memories... and nothing shall exist before i open my eyes. For a few precious moments, I was THE universe, in all its entirety, the non-existent universe outside waited patiently for it's birth.

Nothing seems to matter. I can continue to lie still, and the universe won't exist. An hour, a day or for as long as i wish. Or i can choose not to breathe, and suffocate the foetal universe.

Tiny tentacles of memory, greenish-purple in colour start reaching out from under the placid sea of my serene universe, threatening to puddle my nascent non-existing universe into non-existence. Hazy wisps of events begin to take shape, like collapsing swirls of cosmic dust, unable to convince gravity stating their meagre mass.. helpless... inevitable... The shapes are already discernable... inevitable...

I can remember last night... the blinding orgasm, and i smile thinking of the brilliance of evolution... the exponential path spent in thinking of the other person, and at the moment of climax- nothing... only you...

The climax dispels the remaining clouds.. dispels the very dust that makes up my universe-the dust that shields me from facing the real world. All of a sudden, I hear the faint distant hum of the fan, the suffocating warmth of my quilt and smell my unwashed pillow cover... inevitable...

The world existed inspite of my closed eyes. The universe pored through my eyelids to mock at me., and I woke up.

'Gosh, not one of those philosophical days' so saying, I woke up to face Wednesay

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