Monday, June 26, 2006

Having been born in the eighties and having listened only to bappi lahiri and nadeem shravan, I've always wondered what's with Lata Mangeshkar and her fan following. There were times when Anuradha Paudwal sounded better, but then, when one finds Anuradha Paudwal good, s/he is in dire need of some professional counselling, which was truly the case then.

Then this song happened - Re man sur mein ga from Lal Patthar. Divine. Long live Lata.

P.S: Correction: T'wasn't Lata. Was Asha. Down with Lata :)
Feels good when your dogmatic opinins are seemingly proven true.


Anonymous said...

this also like siva?


Ishwar said...

I'd suggest that you take up English 101. Your english is unbelievably bad.

Anonymous said...