Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Krrish - Redefining Indian Cinemea

I haven't watched Krrish and haven't read any of the reviews. This is not so that you pardon me if this post is screwed but that I've forgotten the art of writing an opinion without a disclaimer.

Creating and indulging a superhero character needs a lot of strength, clarity, skill and most importantly, the abilility for a classic denoument of the superhero's character, all of which a standard indian director lacks.

Having been a big fan of comics since childhood, I believe that I can talk a little about superheros genre. Spiderman is as dumb as a superhero gets. It lacks a complex and convincing (in a comics sense) background, it doesn't potray the superhero's struggle to become familiar with his powers; his character isn't unravelled gradually as the story moves, and most importantly, he lacks the superhero facial features.

The depiction of a superhero's face deserves a couple of paragraphs for itself. Have you at any point in time watched Manoj Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable and loved the story? If yes, you know what is being talked about. It's an extremely beautiful meta-movie that revolves around the quest for a superhero and not so much about the superhero himself.

Manoj Night Shyamalan marvellously depicts the classic dichotomy of good and evil, from physical postures to language, facial features, skin tone and lighting, while maintaining the consistent thread throughout the movie that they aren't different afterall.

Nowhere is the good-evil dichotomy as evident as in facial features. Look at superman, batman, phantom - those strong square jawlines, the lack of shadows on the jawlines, triceps over biceps and broad foreheads, to say a few. All credits to Rakesh Roshan for choosing the perfect person to potray a superhero.

And this is why spiderman sucks - because he fails to bring out this dichotomy, despite being a non-dark superhero.

The denoument of a superhero's character is perhaps the most interesting and skillful part of building a superhero. And the best denoument, IMO, goes to Wolverine of the X-men. You must watch X-Men II for an absolutely classic denoument. Needless to add, spiderman and superman suck at this. Batman and Phantom, the justice league have interest denouments too, but none as good as Wolverine.


Be warned that all these are my opinions and that the real world might not corroborate with them.
Coming back to Krrish, it's a brave move that an indian director has taken up this onerous task. Let's hope he gets it right.


Zero said...

Well, I immensely liked "Unbreakable", esp. the core idea of the story!

Reg. "Krrish", what "onerous task" are you talking about? I don't see any merit in the film (within the domains of your discussion) except that the superhero is well-built.

P.S.:- I didn't see the film either, and if the other merit is its denouement, I'll be surprised.

Ambar said...

Coming back to Krrish, it's a brave move that an indian director has taken up this onerous task.

This is your attempt at satire?

Ishwar said...

zero, taking a good superhero movie needs much more skills than taking DDLJ.

This situation is like India taking on Brazil. They don't have the skills, and that's the onerous task.

ambar, do you know to read?