Sunday, June 04, 2006

A wish, a friend

You say you want to remain friends
Relive the fun that we had

You say, why hold hands
Keep them inside your pockets

You say, Why can't we watch a movie
without groping each others' butts

And why drive your tongue
down my throat

When a chaste little kiss, a peck on the cheek
would do just fine

Let me share with you
A piece of my little mind

I don't wish to castrate myself
To serve your antiseptic needs

If you want me
Take my penis with you too.

P.S: Of no relevence to my real-life. Inspired by another poem :)


Ambar said...

Funny. But the disclaimer defeats its own purpose.

sudha said...

ithellaam innum konja naal thaan, athukkappuram only worry would be about saving teeth :)

wat poem?

oye ambar, u dont know the rule about disregarding disclaimers that dampen?

Sanket said...

haha.. good one!

Ishwar said...

Ambar, dampening though the dislaimer is, it's important that it be put down for obvious reasons.

sudha, probably :p

sanket, danke.

Ambar said...

Sudha, there's a rule like that? :O

Ishwar, my condolences.

I said...

finally, a post that's not about dinosaurs. so u finally got drunk?

Anonymous said...

ok. you must be one of those sad software programmers with nothing to do. what a fuckface!

Premalatha said...

So, is penis not antiseptic?
Is penis beyond antiseptic?

Ishwar said...

@latha: antiseptic- as in cold and impersonal.
penis is far from being antiseptic.

@i: y0, more posts on dinosaurs coming up.

@anon: yes, that's right! save me!

Epiphany said...

DUDE...u r done...take a break from SAP...go bungee jumpin (atleast once) or something :)

Ishwar said...

er.. katty, am not with SAP. tis been more than a year now.

Epiphany said...

WHAT? which company is paying for it's mistakes now?? btw u still need to bungee :)

Anthroponym said...

What ya poetry!!!

Anonymous said...

IIRC, the inspiration lies in the book "Notes to Myself" by Hugh Prather ?

I hope the disclaimer abt real life isn't counter productive ;)

Anonymous said...

IIRC, the inspiration lies in Hugh Prather's notes ?

And disclaimers can be counter productive dude.

Ishwar said...

yes, hugh prather it is.

and let's say it was meant to be counter-productive ;)