Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's funny sometimes when you go romping around the room naked, in anticipation of the action, or when you are in bed, happily humping and squealing, and when you think of how funny the process is - tweaking her clit, humping and kissing.

Update: Futility changed to being funny after a certain blogger expressed strong protest against the futility of it all :)

To be more specific, the complete obsession on details is what is amusing. For example, a clit is a clit. It's not an abstraction, but the whole entity in itself. There are times when one feels one is making out with the clit and not with the person. It's imposing. Amazing, but imposing, in much the same way as being on Mars is.

Abstraction has its beauty.

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Anonymous said...

As soon as the pants come off, all thought processes should stop!