Sunday, July 02, 2006

Why does evolution and creationism have to be mutually exclusive?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions on Yahoo! Answers, the highly addictive knowledge search portal.

About a week back, I started off an email debate between evolution and creationism. It would've been a healthy argument had it not been for the stubborn single-minded opinions of the other person who just refused to hear what you have to say and insists that he is right.

Pls. read the comments of a certain "smiling4ever222" for this question. Every single line in his argument can be countered by my three-year old nephew.

After a week of patience, his comments made me blow my top.

Damn all illogical people.


sudha said...

try salon's table talk. its la creme of e-discussion forums as far as i know, very mature and sensible comments. no instances of "no matter wat u say, i am right" and all such crap. the only con is that the questions are decided upon weekly by the board.

Ishwar said...

Sudha, thanks.

And he didn't appreciate Occam's razor. Never thought once that people would fail to appreciate Occam's razor