Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The future is... well... squeamy.

Featherless chickens could be the future of mass poultry farming in warmer countries, says an Israeli geneticist who has created a bare-skinned "prototype".

The new chicken would be lower in calories, faster-growing, environmentally friendly, and more likely to survive in warmer conditions, claims Avigdor Cahaner of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He created his red-skinned chicken by selectively crossing a breed with a naturally bare neck with a regular broiler chicken.


never mind! said...

if at all you should be concerned of, it should be how it tastes, rightr?

Anonymous said...

dinosaur mandaya.. oru ponnu unna davadikkudhu. idhu theriyaama chicken pathi ezhudhariye..

never mind! said...

anon, avanukku theriyum;)

Ishwar said...

anon, good news in a long while.
never mind, who would that be?

and citizens, netiquette #1: Please italiscise all non-english words. Before you know, people would assume na is an english word.

never mind! said...

it is me!