Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jai Kannada

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So, Karnataka turns fifty. Kannada will soon be recognised as a classical language. Yayy! Woo hoo! and stuff like that.

And btw, here's a glass-saving measure in one of the shops here - the name of the shop written hastily on a piece of tissue paper.

Jai Karnataka.


Sanket said...

Classical language. Sadly, not a "Yayy! woo hoo" thing for me.

Ishwar said...

Why so, if I may ask.

Sanket said...

Because "classical language" is a euphemism for a dead language. :p
Moreove, this stunt is not going to do any help to the language; it'll only help a few people; financially and otherwise.

Anu said...

Do they screen Thamizh movies at all in Karnataka? Or are they banned as a part of the whole "Classical Language" funda?

Sanket said...

What has screening Thamizh movies got to do anything with the "classical language" issue? Well, they do screen.