Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy b'day, feathered dinosaurs.

This day, ten years back, the discovery of the first feathered dinosaur, Sinosauropteryx prima was announced, transforming the world of dinosaurs forever.

This fossil led to the discovery.

And this is how they probably looked.


cvs said...

in one of the episodes of the TV show friends,

Monica wonders why her brother is having a pager..
on what cud be an emergency for a paleontologist..and remarks rather funnily..
"Hurry up the Dinosaurs are still Extinct"!!!!


Anu said...

That picture is very.. ewwww..

Ishwar said...

Anu, no brownie points for you.

al, listen ye mammalian suckers, we shall soon raise and kill all those who made fun of us. That includes monica and those that laughed at her jokes.

Anu said...

Yeah, and Jurassic Park could happen.

I said...

is it just me or u need to get laid?

Ishwar said...

anu, you just signed your own warrant.

I, it's not just you.