Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jai Kannada

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So, Karnataka turns fifty. Kannada will soon be recognised as a classical language. Yayy! Woo hoo! and stuff like that.

And btw, here's a glass-saving measure in one of the shops here - the name of the shop written hastily on a piece of tissue paper.

Jai Karnataka.

Happy halloween

Happy halloween, dinophiles

Link, courtesy DML

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another pointless debate on the hijab/burqa issue, with an exceptional point.

Without the cross, the burqa, hijab and the turban, we'll let the politicians at the helm to decide our morality.


Personally, I have problems with the hijab. Consider me opinionated, dogmatic and a million other things I'm not; I don't care. I find it a rather barbaric practise, and the question of choice having been reduced to a hobson's choice, by indoctrination.

Personal choice is the most misused word in all of humanity. For god's sake, I can't even choose the type of condom I wear. Spotted, came the suggestion. Apparently, I wouldn't know.
Tired and hungry after a weekend of hectic house-shifting, I sit pretty and tight, reading letters from long-lost girlfriends, girlfriends lost in time and letters lost in the wake of life's bueuracracy. Feels like having your brain wrapped in soft velvet and shot into space; the good part of it. Feels bouncy. Feelks like a whole lot of marsh-mellows.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Atheism is unprovable, hence uninteresting.
Suggest a wilder beast to tame.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nov 26

Nov 26, 2006.

Nilu, Kuzh and I are going to Archana-Sanjeeth's wedding.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The next time you hear people talking about playing it fair, kick your own shin so hard that you'd faint for having been in the company of such people, turn, wiggle your arse at them and get the hell out of the place.

Kuzh's serenade

Kuzh sings for his thai love.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Please don't use 'exactly' and 'actually' if you don't know where exactly to use them.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy b'day, feathered dinosaurs.

This day, ten years back, the discovery of the first feathered dinosaur, Sinosauropteryx prima was announced, transforming the world of dinosaurs forever.

This fossil led to the discovery.

And this is how they probably looked.
The future is... well... squeamy.

Featherless chickens could be the future of mass poultry farming in warmer countries, says an Israeli geneticist who has created a bare-skinned "prototype".

The new chicken would be lower in calories, faster-growing, environmentally friendly, and more likely to survive in warmer conditions, claims Avigdor Cahaner of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He created his red-skinned chicken by selectively crossing a breed with a naturally bare neck with a regular broiler chicken.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sometimes it's important to be wrong[1] to make mistakes. And sometimes, it feels good to have done that.

[1] Lack of punctuation marks to be noted.

Pon Mozhi - 1

Barkha, the verdict is simple. There are strong, very strong reasons why the legislature is separate from the judiciary in the Indian Constitution. Read up the ninth standard civics text book. Succumbing to pressure groups kill democracy.

Why waste an hour of prime time to debate a non-argument?
Watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai on TV makes me extremely thankful that the dravidian movement occured.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

All ye dumbfucks that have a pet dog, keep the dog under the fucking leash. Others don't fancy getting a panic attack by your dog getting startled and baring its teeth when it pees in the pavement as much as you do.

Senility pangs

Growing old isn't easy, especially when at times you stare at a person incredulously when he asks you if you want to see sunset in andamans. Isn't andaman supposed to be in the east coast? Two hours, a couple of thousand rupees later, I realised why a certain woman dumped me. Again, at twenty five, I assumed that prime numbers were dependent on the number system.
Ok, here's the plan

  • Put aside Rs. 15k every month onto a separate account and burn the debit card for that account; the best thing to do, atleast until something like this comes up.

  • Sometime in January 2008, Take the 1145 flight from Delhi to Vladivostok and arrive at Vladivostok at 1900 hours

  • Rush to the nearest pub, get drunk and get laid

  • Repeat step 3 until I get bored

  • Average temperature in January: −13.7°C

  • Board the train, travel past Ulan Ude, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and onto Moscow.

  • Take the flight back to Delhi

Not much of a plan. But a passable one nevertheless.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My next holiday

Am taking the trans-siberian tour in Jan 2008. Vladivostok to Moscow.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Life, or somethink like it.

The long winding street smelt of yellow sunshine, like the one from fables; of burnt ochre, pink buttons and human discontent; of smells limited by perception, euphoria and a little baby girl; it smelt of the road I've walked a million times in the last two years. It smelt of electricity, marital disputes, of the pentecoastal church, of the last christmas and the last hope; it smelt of the chinese food at chinese prices; it smelt of my armpit, its past, present and future, that of the street, not of my armpit. It smelt of the big brown teddy bear, of the brownie points scored under the teddy; of the underwear flung listlessly over it in times of passion, of the teddy's dark brown eyes, of memories. A young woman in corduroy trousers and petite breasts was looking at the sling across my shoulder. It must've been a pretty site - an otherwise healthy man robbed the use of his right hand. I wonder how she'd feel if I read her the poignant poem that sagawa wrote when he butchered his lover. I wonder if she'd pity the butchered lover or the poignant sagawa. She wrinkles her pretty nose and dabs it with her left hand. She's a simple woman, this one; the type that makes you wonder if they're tortoise all the way, or corduroy all the way if it pleases you. The girl moves on, the street doesn't, imbibing the hamsanadam trickling down from the gauzed window.Gauzed windows let the sunlight in and trickles harmony and incense odour out. I bet the dealer wouldn't have told you this, but it does. One can't stay content near gauzed windows. It sucks your happiness away onto the streets and gives it to young women in corduroy trousers who seem quite happy already. It trickles hamsanadam out, but it probably wouldn't let out suba panthuvarali or muhari, stifling it inside the room. Should try it out sometime.Regiplex gauzed windows. Traps sadness. Fucks your happiness.