Monday, July 11, 2005

Early morning Bangalore

Its not every morning that you wake up with a lusttful dream, atleast not when you are 24, or atleast not when you are me :)

Was grinning from ear to ear and opened my eyes, when for a second, I wasn't able to see. Overcome with panic, I frantically groped for my cell only to realise that I had not gone blind, but my cheeks are covering my eyes. 'Tis time for some exercise.

I have no problems in women wearing salwar kameez, draping themselves with a dupatta and walking slowly and gracefully in public parks, but will someone tell them that this is not quite the best approach to jog?


Anonymous said...

Btw wat happened to that girl at work who used the cretaceous way to hit on you?


Ishwar said...

@guru: lol... too bad... somebody else had already hit on her.. and who needs a rabid dinophobe anyways ;)

Btw, did you know that dinos don't have rabies? rabies is a mammalian disease.