Monday, July 11, 2005

JP3 and my cousin's wedding....

In a major outburst, my mom declared that I am a social misfit and a freak whose ideals(lol) aren't practical. Why? because I refused to visit my relatives and when I got to know that one of my relatives is getting engaged, I refused to wish him.

This cousin of mine went to Trichy for a demeaning ceremony called Pon paarkum padalam. In short, he was one of those jerks who think that they can get married to a woman by seeing how she looks, and to an extent, her culinary skills, and who believe that the only point in getting married is to get laid. Coming back to the point, the girl was the 16th in a long line of pointless beings, being the product of extremely horny parents who never understood the concept of contraception, be it natural or otherwise. And the cousin's mom claims that she doesn't want dowry, but asks for 100g gold. If you aren't a desi, all this might sound strange to you, but this is what happens. And to top it all, aroung 10 people went to approve the girl and deem her good enough to get married to.

By the end of this conversation with my mom, I was laughing my ass off, and passed a few remarks that should have sounded to her as being highly caustic, and hence the tirade.

Anyways, what's more important is this - a screenshot of the fight between a tryrannosaurus rex and a spinosaurus.

This was a scene in Jurassic Park 3, a movie renowned for its highly unscientific potrayal of dinosaurs - talking velociraptors, pteranodon with teeth, claim that raptors were the most intelligent of all dinosaurs... and the list goes on...

Anyways, enjoy the fight.


Vaidya said...

guess u relish talking of 'tambram' attitude and showing off that u have a different thought process compared to ur victims - be it ur mom or dad or ur cousin or ur frnds.

and u get comments and more hits in ur page ... nee enjoy pannu da...

whatever that inertia means...
do one thing b4 u shoot urself shoot nilu..!!

Ishwar said...

well vaidy, you are mistaken. This is not a tambram speciality, but a pan-indian phenomonon. And yes, i love demeaning their attitude, cos thats the only one i know

Vaidya said...

im not mistaken.
when i mean tambram its is not just tamil-brahmin. its just a prevelant indian attitude.
and reg demeaning their attitude i agree. Even me and i just did that;)

anyways- what happ to ur fone. ??