Thursday, July 14, 2005

My transitive friend* found out that she's pregnant and hence elated, on top of the world and all the usual crap that goes along with this state. She even wrote a mail to her friends informing the much expected, happy and exciting news of her pregnancy and how she is looking forward to this.

I don't understand people's excitement over children, particularly the woman's, considering the fact that she has to experience the excrutiating pain of child-birth to give birth to something as ridiculous and as mindnumbingly dumb and uninteresting thing as a child. Not that I prefer adoption, for, I despise children. Given a choice, I'd prefer to take my chance at being eaten alive by a hyena.

It's amazing what conditioning can do to people's logic, be in in religion or in child-birth. As a friend of mine described it, it is as painful as pulling a nail from your finger, only that you get a child instead of a nail-less finger

*friend of friend :)

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Sundar said...

I don't see a child as uninteresting by any stretch of imagination. Also, I'm not sure if we can dismiss with certainty the elation on getting pregnant as pure conditioning.