Monday, April 04, 2005

1. Heard of my first marriage proposal. The girl is in Bangalore Wipro, and my mom was given the girl's HOROSCOPE, goddammit. "Walking with dinosaurs" on Pogo was more appealing. It had a feature on Tyrannosaurus Rex. For god's sake, HOROSCOPE. Why do they even live?

2. Am now a nubile eligible bachelor. Sounds sickening.

3. Had a long conversation with dad. He was of the opinion that he doesn't mind who I get married to, but that I should not go around before marriage. I told him not to dictate my personal life and to mind his own business. I also told him that this is 2005, but I doubt if it registered. My mom knows better than to advice me.

4. 24 is a strange age.


Anonymous said...

Call it coincidence... same thing happened to me yesterday evening.. maybe it has something to do with watching 'The death of a dynasty' yesterday. Mating rituals are better than horoscopes..say wat?

Ishwar said...

Reveal thyself, o anonymous commentor.

I don't remember seeing any mating ritual. They showed a T-Rex humping a dead tree though. Probably thats how the dynasty died. 'slaambu kuthirukkum'

P.S: same bangalore wipro girl?

Anonymous said...

Vetti naaye.. guru da