Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My phone connection has been cut - outstanding dues.

Death to capitalists.

Am thinking of starting a pseudo-marxist-maoist-castroist-surjeetist revolution in india, because of this incident. They have to understand that I live in abject poverty. NRIs can contribute generously to the cause. When the revolution succeeds, those that did contribute would be awarded medals of valour, and other would be branded as traitors, hunted down and killed.


Anonymous said...

idhu puriyardhu;)


Ishwar said...

For the benefit of global audiece, I'd urge you to write in English, or have a translated text of your comment, right next to the vernacular squiggles.

Sundar said...

Sounds like the pig ;) in the Animal farm.

Anonymous said...


my contribution 1 Full meals.