Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My mom told me that she knew a numerologist, who predicts your future with your DOB. He was a mazdoor working in her office. This is what he told about me.

1. That I would study a lot.

2. Would earn a lot, but won't give anything to my parents. Sometime back, I would have taken offence. But I've come to realise that this is true

3. That I would be the single biggest headache of my mom's life. Wondering how could that be.


Will be moving to a separate house in June. Planning to get a fridge and washing machine for sure. Am still debating if i should buy a TV or an emac.


I have only two source of information.

1. Times of India

Gosh, I see the world through an automated bot and an editor who tones down the contents to the level of a bourgoise moron who'd rather read a featured full page article on the 10 best ways to scratch your armpit without losing the perfume, and how that increases your sex appeal, and what the people in metros have to say about this, and a poll on "Do you prefer Amisha's latest hair style".


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Anonymous said...


Numerology is a musta...

I am happy i dint have any numbers embedded in Vaidyasubramanian or some alphabets like Q X etc..