Thursday, April 07, 2005

My roomies maintain "Sri Ramajayam" note books. He probably writes when I am not around, cos the note is half-full and I have never seen him writing.


Nilu said...

Why the fuck do you still with roomies?

Is there no single bedroom apts?

Anonymous said...

seriya purila...
how many roomies do u have?i thought u lived with your cousin karthik.

and poolu..."ARE there no single bedroom apts?":D

Nilu said...

An obsession to find fault in syntax is a serious symptom of trying to overcome the "ignored child" complex.

I suggest you seek a professional psycho analyst ......or better go to Vienna.

Anonymous said...

i believe i have answered that
already...on ymsgr.
and Don,YMSGR is becoming a worstesta..the stealth settings are not wokring properly and sometimes messages arrive very very some 2-3 mins after they were sent.
do u get to work on YMSGR development?