Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Reasonably scary

The saffron brigade is back in action. Now, they claim taj mahal as their own.

I seem to remember this as an april 1 prank. but some people take it seriously enough.

Things are getting funnier by the minute. (All this happened yesterday)
1. Sunnis board claims a part of the revenue collected as entrance fee, claiming that Shah Jahan was a sunni.

2. Shias say that the architect was a persian shia, and so, Shah Jahan could not have been a Sunni, and of course, they claim a part of the money.

3. RSS jumps in, debunks both theories, says muslims are evil, gives the usual tirade, says that it was actually Tejos Mahalaya, and saffrinoses taj mahal.

4. I wonder if india would turn into a fascist society. A majority of the people i know are definitely againt people of a particular religion.

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