Sunday, February 19, 2006

All that matters is

I believe that men are infinitely stupid when it comes to relationships. It takes two months to understand profundity, probably longer to give a retort.

Sometime during the last two months, my ex said - Now is all that matters, not what you went through. I had nodded then without understanding the context or the implications, for the reason that it sounded deep, and as people might already know, I have a fascination for deep statements.

I have two problems with the statement. On second thoughts, I think I should stop writing about everything that goes on in my stupid mind and stop giving all you blog-voyeurs a peep into my life.


Nilu said...

Thats deeep.

And where the fuck is your pride, goddammit?

Ishwar said...


sudha said...

sophism has its values. i dig people who use it, i think you can classify tat way maybe -- people who use it to get what they want, people who believe in it and hence practise it, people who refuse to do so (funny purists) and so on.