Friday, February 17, 2006

So much has changed in the last two months and so much hasn't. Life has a strange and callous way of shaking you up just when you think you are comfortable with its futility. Cruel reminders that strip you off the comforting layer of purpose that you had so carefully placed and arranged meticulously, all the while telling yourself that the layer is but futile.

But then just when you get comfortable and when the layer gets an identity, a form that you actually feel happy about, life strikes. It hits you so hard in the balls and takes away the layer so fast that you don't know what struck you. You don't realise what life took away from you till the pain in the balls numbs out.

This two months has taught me so much. It reminded me of a few things that I had most conveniently forgotten - that the only entity I can trust is my will to survive. It also reminded me that no matter how close you are to another person, she'll think only about herself, and not about you. In short, it taught me to be logical.

It also taught me to go get a life. Am beginning to.


Nilu said...

the obvious, is worth restating. ain't it?

a been there done that condescending look, again

sudha said...

crap. came too late. but yeah, enjoy les delusions while they last :P.

(save the cacti for the lesser others, aunty has enough already)

Ishwar said...

point noted :)

inlivenout said...

Hmm.I thought you shut this blog down.Now I see it was just logged off.Neways,welcome back(woh!I am telling that to a blogger in his own blog and 240+ hours after the reopening;sad).

PS 1: Well,the last line reminds me;one comment ppl love[!] to post in RH's blog is "go get a life"!
PS 2: The bottom line is "Nothin matters".

Ishwar said...

inlivenout, what is RH's blog?

inlivenout said...

Well,it implies Nilu's blog.