Saturday, February 18, 2006

Enne kadumi me

Warning: This post will make sense only to that subset of readers that have resided in bangalore at some point in time and know kannada.

Request: This is a serious post. So, don't expect that this post will be the answer to all your life's troubles and will sweep away your depression. If you actually need one such panacea, realise that you suck and go here

The dosas that you get in the ubiquitous Sagars in bangalore literally drip oil. Planning to take a documentary - Enne Kadumi me on how the Sagars are taking over mainstream bangalore, how they are responsible for corporate obesity.

This is the plan. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at sagars for forty five days straight. Will take enne jaasti(more oil- the default mode) unless they explicity ask for enne kadumi, while constantly being monitored.

Muhaha.. The evil genius strikes. My chance to get rich.

And my next documentary will be on

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Ambar said...

As a matter of principle, I don't eat Dosas in bangalore's Sagars.