Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The moral satisfaction of being fair doesn't matter in the least when the opponents shove a grenade up your arse when you given them both the grenade and your arse in a platter. Wonder why the war president is stupid enough to do this.

Mr.Bush, it is indeed not OK for a company from certain countries to own your ports. What, do you live in Alice in Wonderland?

I am a secular person, I really am in the sense that I tage anything religious into the same category and look at it with amusement, and I don't usually take fringe opinion to be the opinion of the masses. In any society, there are bound to be fringe elements that give you so much entertainment, like the VHP, imams, creationists, etc. But this time it has gone a bit overboard. What I thought was a fringe group actually managed to voice the mainstream opinion. Yes, I'm talking about the cartoon controversy.

I stop here for the fear of losing my secularism :)


sudha said...

whoa! i thought people would have outgrown crappy stuff like secularism by now.

Ishwar said...

ok,i don't know what's the current fad among you children. secularism is a relic fad from my times