Thursday, February 23, 2006

Observations that don't mean a thing - 1

The better my posts are, the lesser the comments get.


neha vish said...

Like now. You just got a comment. For an obviously "empty-post".

And like I get killed over transliterations on my blog. :) Write crap - and you're royalty.

Zero said...

So, that implies that this post should have more comments ;).
Neha and I have commenced it, already. Hopefully more will join! :)

tilotamma said...

should we re-open this Most Popular Worst Blog issue or just confine ourselves to meaningless vs sensible posts in the same blog?

Ishwar said...

neha, sanity is statistical :)

zero, this post isn't so bad afterall.

tilo, let the flame begin. i know who my vote goes to.