Monday, March 28, 2005

I was brought up with the message of not being attached to anybody.

The day my grandmom died, my mom did not cry. Two minutes after she died, my mom was getting ready for the funeral.

My mom wanted me to not do my engineering in Madras, reminding me that i
should learn to stay alone.

In the railway station, when the train to Tanjore was about to depart, my dad said: "You can drink, smoke, become a drug addict, do whatever, i dont mind. But dont do it with MY money. Do whatever when you start earning".

When I said that I am going to Bangalore to do my PG, and not to the US, my dad said "You know best".

After all this, my dad complains that I did not call up my relative on her marriage. He wants me to call her and invite her to my house in
bangalore. It isn't too much to ask for. But I dont give a damn.

I don't pretend to understand parents.


Nilu said...

Invite them to a house overflowing with porn.

Then wat yappen?

Ishwar said...

Nilu, its appalling to see how little you have changed in the last 4 years.

Nilu said...