Sunday, March 27, 2005

Retrospecting an unhappening(extended) weekend

1. Read Deception Point. Don't know why I liked this man's Da Vinci Code. Could have read Shoba De instead. Believe me, it was so bad.

2. On the positive side, I was thinking a lot about Exobiology, after a very long time. I'd rather that my tax money goes to SETI, xeno biology and alien morphology than to some goddamned tsunami victim, about who I don't give as much as a damn. (Kuzh, jump at the opportunity. The gramar is bad, even by EKD's standards)

3. Everyone you love departs.

4. Pondered more on the broadband issue. Can feel it is just around the corner(Yippeee...). More than ever I need broadband now to preserve whatever is left of my sanity. Would prefer buying used ear buds for 10k to buying a TV.

5. Have to think of reasons for my compulsive habit of numbering everything, right from posts to writing a letter. Looks kind of strange. Imagine this:

Please find my comments enumerated below:
1. How are you? Am doing great
2. Went to a movie last night. you would have liked it.
3. And so on...

6. Am seriously considering becoming a full-time writer.

7. Wish Vaidy/Nilu were in India. No complaints though.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Deception Point is not bad...its a worstesta...

How about becoming a full-time writer of Porn?Am sure Deb could use your undoubtedly excellent creativity;)

and reg. the grammar,some things are best left unsaid.