Friday, March 04, 2005

What started out with a freak lightning, producing pathetic methane-reducing anaerobic nincompoops that almost wiped themselved out by emitting oxygen, then onto prokaryotes, eukaryotes, experimenting for some time with tunicates, testing amphibians, enhancing to reptiles, branching off into dinosaurs and birds, improvising into mammals, giving rise to humans, ultimately evolved to be me...

And here I am, the pinnacle of evolution, staring at the stupid monitor and reading a rediff article thats talks about 'How to make your shirt sexy!'.

Life IS funny.



Anonymous said...


Harish said...

is man the end of evolution?

Nilu said...

Just read it again. Then see yourself in a mirror.

If you don't see TT let me know.

Ishwar said...

kuzh, when was there ever an answer for so? causal eventualities will sort themselves out.. not our business

nilu: it was meant to be that way.. an occasional existential angst.