Tuesday, March 29, 2005

This is not one of those romanticising over a hazy contemplation, I swear. Rather, it is one of those realisations that emerge, not part by part; not slowly; and not in a gradual fashion like a sunrise which makes you wonder at the end of it if this is indeed as much the beautiuful sight as you had conceived of , but one that is more like death. You knew about it all along, but never quite grasped the magnitude. You have thought about it in pieces, and never bothered to link them, never imagined the concept in its full splendour, and never realised that the sum of parts is greater than the sum of parts.

Now I know do certain things that I do, why I fell in love with the people I fell in love with and why I like dinosaurs!

My thoery rocks dude! More on this later. Looks like I have finally started shedding all pretense :)

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