Monday, March 28, 2005

Notes from my first day at the gym

Sedentary job, coupled with daily consumption of cheese has, to nobody's surprise, landed me in this spot. I was witnessing the birth of a tummy that started spilling over onto my bike's petrol tank, and all of a sudden, I could see people poring over the newspaper and reading "Man gets wedged to a chair over the weekend and dies".

My survival insticnts took over and led me to the gym where the carnivorous fat-eaters waited for their morning snack. I gave 4900 joules(metric system, you seee:) ) in a matter of 5 minutes, became satisfied, came out, and had a chocolate-cream pastry.

Well, looks like the newspaper article is bound to come true.


Anonymous said...

And all these days I had been thinking you wore your denim trousers too tight ;)


Kamakshi said...

You only live once! Its not worth it to give up that mouth-watering pastry even if you're diabetic ;)