Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Such posts really put me off.

All of them are well settled in jobs and could have lived a life without any worries about the world. But instead they chose this virtuous path.

My dear, virtue is the humanity's second most farcical word. I believe they do such things for one or more of the following reasons.
1. It is a good way to make money(as good a reason as there can ever be).
2. They want to shag their ego(can't think any reason can be nobler than this{no sarcasm here.. i really mean it})


Nilu said...

2 is copyrighted.

Sundar said...

Virtue is the second most farcical word ... I thought it was the first.

None of us are doing it for point 1. And IMO, doing it for 2 is a natural human trait (or for that matter even for 1).

To borrow the Nilu-copyrighted phrase, "masturbation of ego" is a very apt description in that such acts can be performed without appreciation from others i.e. self-appreciation here is far more pertinent than fame (seeking of which which I don't say is bad either).

Ishwar said...

Precisely my point sundar: That's why I didn't say that they do it for appreciation from others.

Point to be noted here is that i didn't get irritated by these people doing it. The survival of the society deems that someone must do such things. What put me off was this statement:
But instead they chose this virtuous path.

Hope u get my point.

Sundar said...

Ya, I do. Btw, a minor grammar correction in my previous comment, a sentence there should read as "none of us is ...".