Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I hate it

I hate it that I have begun whining on my blog.
I hate it that despite what I have led myself to believe, I am still a sick old sentimental fool.
I hate it that at some level, I'd rather be fair than be happy.
I hate it that I'd rather run away than face situations that I might not stand up to.
In short, ladies and gentlemen, for perhaps the first time in my long life, here I am, hating myself.

I assure you, it definitely isn't a good feeling.

The last time I was a sentimental old fool, I lost faith in humanity. Hope I don't get it back this time :)

P.S: I don't take blog whiners well. So, let's all assume that this post never existed.


Parii said...

Maybe, then, my last post on Nilu's blog was written for you :-) (No I wrote it before reading yours, in case you were going to ask) :-)

Ishwar said...

parii, for once, I agree with you, but only partially.

I don't see one reason why I should think beyond me. Care to explain?

Nilu said...

glad to see that you are miserable. its a nice feeling. welcome to the club.

Anonymous said...

what the heck, your blog has always been whining..maybe it's time to shut down..

Anonymous said...

oh maybe you really really want to puke.. nilu could help you.. the two of you have quite a good experience with that i c.

have a puke filled new year

Ishwar said...

hey comical anon, i am no puker.

Jaggy said...

Smile at the Past with Pride and Grace
Live each today with Joy and Verve
Look at every tommorrow with Hope And Faith
This year may all your efforts be rewarded
and all your dreams come true
Wishing U a Happy New Year

inlivenout said...

So,where does the degree of hatred stand now?
And,btw,you forgot that you have a blog?!